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Top Stories 2015: Our favorite stories from the past year

The reporters and editors at The Suffolk Times have covered a lot of stories this year. We asked our staff for their favorites:

Grant_BW-150x1501“The profile on local musician Gene Casey gave North Forkers the backstory behind a man who’s entertained us many times.”

Grant Parpan, Executive editor

JoeP_BW-150x1501“The piece on former fishing captain Sid Smith hanging it up is a microcosm of a larger story: the demise of Greenport’s offshore commercial fishing business.”

Joseph Pinciaro, Editor

Rachel_BW-150x1501“Whether the reader reactions were negative or positive, Paul Squire’s column ‘Let’s stop this attitude toward non-locals’ got people talking — and community discourse is always a good thing.”

Rachel Young, Reporter

Laura_BW-150x1501“Lenn Thompson’s column supporting Southold Farm + Cellar reminded me of how the North Fork wine industry began and how supporting small family-owned wineries can be good for North Fork preservation and small business expansion.”

Laura Huber, Editorial assistant

Jen_BW-150x1501“Thirteen-year-old Miguel Borrayo, who has Down syndrome, scoring the first points of his school basketball career Jan. 8. I loved hearing about how his story has inspired other students to embrace sportsmanship.”

Jen Nuzzo, Associate editor

Cerria1“Joe Pinciaro’s column on his real name, Cesidio. My birth certificate says – Cerria Siobhan Orientale. I was one of four kids and the rest are named Gerard, Maureen, and Michael.”

Cerria Torres, Sales coordinator

Squire_Paul_full_size1-150x150“I am, in no way, adventurous. So reading the story about a local team of sailors racing across the Atlantic is about the closest I’ll ever come to an adventure of my own. I could practically taste the salty seawater.”

Paul Squire, Web editor

SuffolkTimes-43671-150x150“I loved all the coverage of the Tall Ships, especially the aerial cover shot.  Of course, I am biased because I live in Greenport but it is wonderful to see the village work together to support a great event like this.”

Sonja Reinholt Derr, Sales and marketing director

Andrew_BW-150x1501-1“Loved the piece on former Cubs pitcher Bill Hands. This year’s NLCS between the Mets and Cubs was a perfect reason to showcase Orient’s own 20-game winner in 1969.”

Andrew Olsen, Publisher

Nicole-Smith_C1-150x150“I loved reading about Beth Reed joining a kidney exchange program in the hopes that her lifelong friend, Joann Tamin, would receive a kidney transplant. It was so touching to see how much these two mean to each other.”

Nicole Smith , Reporter

Lauren-21-150x150“I loved the story about new farmers and the challenges they face, especially those who didn’t grow up on farms. I’m the daughter of a farmer, and it’s heartening to think that agriculture can continue to thrive on the North Fork.”

Lauren Sisson, Senior associate editor

Tina Volinski	1“Reading about Holiday decorating contest winners George and Sandra Berry warmed my heart.  I loved reading about their history together and the stories behind all the pieces.”

Tina Volinski, Sales executive