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Featured Letter: A helicopter in Greenport? Bad idea

I have just read with horror the proposal for a private helipad in downtown Greenport.

We here in Southold Town value our peace and quiet and the calm that comes from that peace and quiet. Greenport is a picturesque village — very attractive to tourists. It is not an industrial area.

A large number of Southold Town citizens have been tirelessly battling the current incessant helicopter traffic to the Hamptons. Now, Walter Gezari, the owner of STIDD Systems, wants to replace an old dock with a helipad so he can make quicker deliveries of boat seats? Really?

I am constantly astonished by some folks’ belief that the public good is not as important as commerce. I am all for more jobs; but ruining the peace and quiet of Greenport will ultimately destroy the very reason Greenport is a tourist destination.

Cathy Haft, Southold