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Featured Letter: No turning back on sports complex in Mattituck

To the editor:

Not everyone in the community supports developer Paul Pawlowski and his proposed athletic facility in Mattituck. I, for one, don’t support and trust Mr. Pawlowski. 

I have been to all the meetings in which Mr. Pawlowski has tried to push various commercial projects on this residential land. I wonder why he is trying so hard to add to an already-overcrowded part of town.

If this sports complex is built, it will exponentially create more traffic problems in our town.

I have already heard unrealistic hopes and promises from this proposed sports complex: everything from how it will reduce our drug problems to how people will no longer have to drive their children up-island for sports practice.

As I understand, this sports complex would only be open to members and not for school sports practices or games. It is not for the general public, as it’s being made to sound.

I believe one way to help reduce the drug problem besides sports involvement is for more young people to have jobs after school, on weekends and during the summer. I believe if young people are busy working they have much less time to get in trouble.

One of my real concerns is what happens if the sports complex goes out of business? What are we as a community going to do with another vacant building coming into our town?

I have also heard Mr. Pawlowski state that he is a lifelong resident of Mattituck, which, in my opinion, is not true since he left to live elsewhere and then returned to live back in Mattituck.

Stating that the community has given Mr. Pawlowski overwhelming support, as this newspaper did last week, is misleading since there has only been one public meeting, which took place on a weekday morning. I hope this letter makes us all stop and really think about this proposed sports complex, since there is no turning back after it is built.

Denise Geis, Mattituck