Featured Letter: Appointment reeks of political favoritism

Denis Noncarrow at CAST

The Southold Town Board appointed Denis Noncarrow last week to a $74,000 newly created government liaison position without even going through an interview process.

Formerly, Mr. Noncarrow spent about five years working at the Suffolk County police garage and before that as a service manager at an auto dealership. Town Supervisor Scott Russell stated “we know him” therefore we know his qualifications.

Indeed they do know Mr. Noncarrow well since he also spent time as the town’s Republican chairman. The supervisor further states that although others interested in the job were “highly qualified,” there was no need for an interview process. The purpose of an interview process goes beyond “we know him.” It is the opportunity to better know all candidates and their qualifications, which of course is negated if there is no interview process.

In many companies and in government the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission closely monitors hiring practices to give all a fair opportunity at employment. The “we know him” process of hiring is the major cause of employment discrimination in this country and is often against the law. The Town Board’s placing the position outside civil service requirements appears to be their way of doing an end run around civil service hiring requirements. Councilman Jim Dinizio stated that “it looks to be political” to me. Yes, it does look political. I dare say most people would agree.

In the film “Casablanca,” Captain Renaud says to Rick “this place is closed.” The captain is “shocked, shocked” gambling is going on here. The casino worker then hands Captain Renaud his night’s winnings and the captain thanks him.

Now the Town Board appears shocked others think there is favoritism going on at Town Hall. Please do not insult our intelligence.

Many people are also still interested in the appointment of a “connected” Southold Town Justice Court officer while on NYC Police Department disability.

At the very least this appears to be the beginning of another “beautiful relationship” for the Southold Town Republican Committee.

The author is the chairman of the Southold Town Democratic Committee.

Photo: Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell presents CAST president Denis Noncarrow with a proclamation in September honoring CAST’s 50th anniversary. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)