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Greenport Village files $10 million lawsuit against engineering firm

The Village of Greenport has filed a lawsuit against the engineering firm that designed its $5.8 million power plant upgrade.

The lawsuit filed Feb. 2 seeks more than $10 million in damages from Genesys Engineering and claims the Pelham-based company was negligent, breached agreements and didn’t provide certain services.

Village officials have said a design flaw of the power plant prevents the village from switching from one transformer to the other without having to shut down the power in the entire village first.

The village found “several significant issues” arose with the operation of the power plant upgrade after spending more than $4 million on the project and claims the upgrade failed to match the input voltage of transformer No. 1 to the input voltage of transformer No. 2 and failed to take into account the existing equipment at the plant, the lawsuit states.

“The electrical engineering services provided by the defendant Genesys in the design and engineering of the Greenport Power Plant upgrade resulted in the inability of the Greenport Power Plant to operate properly,” the lawsuit states.

The village hired Genesys in 2007 for electrical engineering services associated with the design, maintenance and operation of its 125-year-old municipal power plant and electric utility on Moore’s Lane.

An email seeking response from Genesys was not immediately returned.

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