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After drunk driver pulled over in Southold, passenger fights, injures cop

What began as a simple traffic stop for an erratic driver in Southold ended with four arrests, including that of one of the driver’s passengers, who allegedly “wrestled” with officers at police headquarters after he was charged with marijuana possession, Southold Town police said.

One officer suffered a “minor leg injury” in the scuffle, according to a police report.

Police said the incident occurred about 2 p.m. Sunday, when cops pulled over an alleged erratic driver on Traveler Street in Southold. The driver of the vehicle, 24-year-old Manuel Ernesto Santos of Southold, had been driving without a license and failed sobriety tests at the scene, according to a police report.

He was arrested, charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and held for arraignment Monday morning, police said.

Cops said they also found marijuana inside the vehicle and charged the three passengers with marijuana possession, a violation. While two of the men were released at the scene with a ticket, 17-year-old David Santos Cua became “uncooperative” with the officers and was taken to police headquarters, according to a police report.

That’s where Mr. Cua allegedly began wrestling with police, injuring one officer. A computer mouse was also broken in the scuffle. Mr. Cua was subdued and charged with felony assault and criminal mischief, according to a police report. He was held for arraignment.