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Southold Town may encourage recycling unused food


Southold Town’s state-mandated solid waste management plan has expired and public outreach will be a “big part” of the town’s push to draft a new one, according to Laura Feitner Calarco.

Ms. Feitner Calarco is a consulting engineer with L.K. McLean Associates in Brookhaven, which is helping the town create the plan.

Ms. Feitner Calarco said the town’s previous 20-year plan — which explained how the town would dispose of all solid waste within its jurisdiction — expired Jan. 1. The next plan required by the state must be a 10-year plan updating the town’s principles.

This time around, Southold Town will be reaching out to local business owners to encourage more sustainable waste disposal methods, Ms. Feitner Calarco said. One of the major new proposals calls for restaurants to do more to recycle food waste, which Ms. Feitner Calarco said makes up about 20 percent of all landfills nationally.

She suggested a certificate of sorts for businesses that recycle leftover food so consumers could choose to support sustainable businesses, which she believes would be “good for tourism.” She also said Southold Town should mention such a certificate program on its website.

Since Southold Town is less dense than other Long Island municipalities, Ms. Feitner Calarco’s firm will conduct a mailing campaign to businesses on the North Fork to get feedback on what else should be included in the new waste management plan.

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