‘Sticker Shock’ campaign launched to deter underage drinking

Sticker Shock campaign

Stickers warning adults it’s illegal to purchase alcohol for minors will be placed this week on beer, wine coolers and hard lemonades sold in local stores.

The “Sticker Shock” campaign, organized by Greenport-based community advocacy group North Fork Alliance, kicks off Tuesday at IGA in Greenport to raise public awareness about underage drinking.

In addition to placing stickers on alcoholic beverages, local store owners have agreed to also post signs in their windows warning customers not to purchase alcohol for anyone under 21.

Junior high students of the alliance’s after-school youth program, One Voice, recently created the campaign with the support of the area’s retailers because they’re concerned about adults purchasing alcohol for their peers.

“Unfortunately, it is easy for kids to get to alcohol and the consequences — from alcohol poisoning to auto accidents — can be deadly,” said Lynn Nyilas, project coordinator of the youth group. “Parents and older teens need to be aware that youth 18 and older can be charged under the Social Host law for providing alcohol to a minor in their home. A first offender can be fined up to $500. A second offense could buy you up to a year in jail.”

Adults who provide alcohol to minors under 17 can also be charged with endangering the welfare of a minor, she added.

Store owners interested in participating in the campaign are asked to contact the alliance at 631-477-6821.