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Greenport man charged with DWI after giving cops false name

A Greenport man was caught driving with a suspended license Tuesday and charged with drunken driving after he gave police a false name, Southold Town police said.

Adolfo Ochoa, 36, was pulled over on Front Street at around 12:05 a.m. for driving with excessively tinted windows and failing to properly use his turn signal, police said.

He failed standardized field sobriety tests administered by the undersigned officer and police found he was driving without a valid license, officials said.

After he was transported to police headquarters, a fingerprint check found Mr. Ochoa, who told police he was Mario Avila at the time of his arrest, had a prior conviction for driving while intoxicated, officials said.

Police also determined he was driving with a suspended license and without an ignition interlock device, police said.

Mr. Ochoa was charged with false personation, driving while intoxicated and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, among other charges, officials said.

He was held for an arraignment.