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Greenport, Southold extend Gamberg’s contract for 3 years

David Gamberg Southold School District

After announcing in November that David Gamberg would continue as the shared superintendent of both Southold and Greenport school districts after his initial contract ends this June, a three-year contract was approved by the Greenport Board of Education on Tuesday and the Southold Board of Education the following night.

The contract comes with a salary increase each year — an additional $4,000 during the 2016-2017 school year, a $4,100 raise in 2017-2018  year, and a $4,200 increase during the 2018-2019 school year. Currently, Mr. Gamberg’s base salary is $239,280, he said.

“I’m personally grateful that the board at Greenport was confident enough to want to extend [my contract] by three more years,” he said. “While it certainly has its challenges, I enjoy what I do and I love what I do. I consider myself very fortunate to do what I do — to spend time in the company of children and to be in a community like Greenport.”

Both districts have agreed to split Mr. Gamberg’s salary in half, a move that will continue to save them “upwards of $100,000” each, he said, adding that this totals to about $500,000 per district since he began the shared position two years ago.

He said the savings aren’t designated for anything specific, but will continue to help support staffing and programs within both districts.

Paulette Ofrias, Southold Board of Education president, credited these financial savings as one of the major benefits that comes with having Mr. Gamberg serve as shared superintendent. She added that the sharing of knowledge and other positions between the schools that has occurred over the past two years is another positive.

“He’s brought things to Southold that Greenport does, and I’m sure vice versa, that you learn from,” she said. “I think other districts could learn from the example that we’re setting.”

Dan Creedon, Greenport Board of Education president, was not immediately available for comment.

In the new contract, as well as in the previous one, Mr. Gamberg will remain a Southold employee and the district will bill Greenport twice a year. Should the boards decided to end the shared services agreement before the contract comes to a close, Mr. Gamberg will continue to work at Southold. Additionally, he wouldn’t be able to work at Greenport for two years.

Additionally, Mr. Gamberg’s benefits will be under Southold’s plans. He is responsible for paying for 15 percent of his healthcare and 10 percent of his dental plans. The remaining 85 and 90 percent will be split between the two districts.

He will also be reimbursed over $1,000 for gas he uses to drive to and from each school during the 2016-2017 school year. Ms. Ofrias said she commends Mr. Gamberg for being able to be physically present in both schools, sometimes visiting each school multiple times a day.

“I think he does an outstanding job for Southold,” she said. “I’m assuming Greenport must feel the same way or they wouldn’t want to continue.”

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Photo Caption: Superintendent David Gamberg. (Credit: File Photo)