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Mattituck News: ‘Meet the Candidates Night’ scheduled

One of the high points of Pat Feiler’s retirement is that she and her husband, Don, get to travel around the country at times of the year when the weather is not too friendly here on the North Fork.

This year, the Feilers headed south to visit family and friends and stopped in Plains, Ga., for a spell. While visiting an art gallery, one of Pat’s passions, a local told them about the preacher who speaks at a local church on Sundays. Excited, the Feilers wiggled their way into the church where President Jimmy Carter stood before the congregation and preached. Later on during the service, Pat and Don sat in front of Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter and listened to them singing God’s praises in hymns. President Carter often stays after Sunday service to allow people to enjoy a photo op with him and Rosalynn and the Feilers jumped at the chance for a lasting memory. This is a trip they will not soon forget.

Congratulations to Missy Lechner, who was recently awarded her black belt in tae kwon do. She celebrated with family afterward at Friendly’s.

CAST will host a food drive Saturday, April 30, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Volunteers will be collecting donations outside the Southold IGA, Cutchogue King Kullen and Mattituck Marketplace (formerly Waldbaum’s).

April ends and May begins with birthday wishes for the following: Wally Bunker, Johnny Cushman, Erin Nardolillo, Cindy Pumillo, Jim Christy, Nicole Ann Krupski, Abby Pacholk, Owen Finnegan, Dennis and Donald Deerkoski, Sandy Gannon, James Burns, Devyn Ulmet, Michael Kar, Dorothy Sullivan, Jessica Boomer, Madeline Burlingame, Eamon Deegan, Sherri Kelly, Hannah Baglivi, Lainie Dubinsky, Fred Hansen, Denise Cheshire, Linda Diorio, Amanda Barney, Danny Motto, John Boucher, Sierra Roces, Mike Shanahan, Colleen Shanahan, Chris Rehm and Dennis Case. Happy birthday!

With upcoming school budget votes comes the important election of school board members. This year there are three vacancies and seven people are stepping up for a chance to serve our school and community. The Mattituck-Cutchogue PTSA and PTA will host a “Meet the Candidates Night” at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 5, in the MHS auditorium. The following people have submitted signed petitions to run for BOE this year: Edward Hassildine, MaryLynn Hoeg, Brian Mealy, Barbara Talbot, George Haase, Tonya Kaiser-Witczak and incumbent William Gatz. Take this opportunity to meet and decide who deserves your vote May 17.

Welcome home to the eighth-graders who traveled to our nation’s capital last week. This annual excursion opens our students’ eyes to much of our country’s history and allows them to visit Washington, D.C., with their peers to make memories to last a lifetime. Special thanks to the nine chaperones who volunteered to leave their families for three days to enhance our students’ educational experience.

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