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NYT best-selling author and part-time Orient resident releases third novel

Left: Courtesy Crown Publishers Right: Best-selling author Chris Pavone. (Credit: Nina Subin)

Chris Pavone writes suspense thrillers about mysterious people in exotic locations.

And while his books contain elements of espionage, the New York Times bestselling author and part-time Orient resident says they don’t quite fit that genre.

“Although all of them have spies, they’re not traditional spy novels,” Pavone said. “These are not books about political intrigue. They’re about people who are lying to one another and, like spies, they are misrepresenting themselves for various reasons.”

In March, Pavone released his third book, “The Travelers.” The novel, which received favorable reviews from The New York Times and The Washington Post, is about a travel writer who is drawn into a tangled web of international intrigue.

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Photos, from left: Crown Publishers (Credit: Courtesy); Best-selling author Chris Pavone (Credit: Nina Subin)