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Village: Substation tripped offline causing brief outage


Greenport Village’s power went down for about 15 minutes at around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning after the plant’s substation tripped offline, village administrator Paul Pallas said.

Mr. Pallas said he’s currently investigating the incident.

“From my understanding, we were off and then back on,” he said. “The substation tripped off. No damage.”

Mayor George Hubbard Jr. wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Trustee Doug Roberts posted a message on Facebook shortly after noon stating, “I am told by our team that there was a fault up at the PSEG construction site, but the problem has been fixed and PSEG reports that everything is stable.”

Wednesday’s incident comes after the village experienced a nearly two hour power outage on April 18 after a circuit breaker at PSEG Long Island’s Southold station tripped.

Greenport has its own power plant, but power is purchased through the New York Power Authority, which makes its way into the village through three separate switches the village shares with PSEG-LI.

Check back here for more information as it becomes available.

Photo: Outside the Greenport Village power plant Wednesday morning. (Credit: Nicole Smith)