Featured Letter: Enough with this highway in the sky

To the editor:

So they are going to fly all the single-engine aircraft returning to the city right over my house — how lucky are my neighbors and I? 

Shoot, on a Sunday evening I can set up chairs on my deck and wave to the rich and famous, all passing within 1,500 feet or so. You might think they would opt for the shortcut across Georgica Pond, then a couple of miles offshore and down the coast, bothering no one.

I would guess the Fortune 500 crowd would have none of that. They like the convenience the helicopter traffic brings, but gives the noise pollution to the poor folks on the other side. Maybe a little like having and enjoying the wonderful things a dog brings to your life, but taking him to your neighbor’s lawn to crap.

I grant you the noise is not the worst problem in the world. They could build a ferry landing at the end of my road and I’d have to live with cars going by all day and night. I know, thankfully, our local authorities would never permit it. My neighbor could form a marching band and practice three times a week; I think I’m protected from that as well. Then why do we have to be subjected to a highway in the sky on the recommendation of a helicopter advocacy group acting on its own behalf and that of its clientele?

Good for them, lousy for us.

It’s been suggested we write and/or call our U.S. senators, Congressional representatives. I would submit that those helicopter passengers may be among the largest of campaign donors, not the kind of people Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Lee Zeldin would be apt to piss off.

When those above-mentioned politicians visit the Hamptons on their way to solicit and rub elbows with the Hamptons crowd, I imagine they’ll be flying over my house, too, and I can’t quite believe that any of them will give a rat’s a– about the route taken.

We don’t donate enough over here to matter.

Jack Gismondi, Peconic