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Letter to the Editor: Why I volunteer

In reference to the article about the East End Seaport Museum (“Giving the building away,” April 21) I would encourage former trustee David Corwin to check his facts before stating that “a bunch of people from Orient” run the museum.

Yes, I am from Orient, and I did contribute many hours and personal finances to help keep the seaport museum afloat during stormy seas. However, the number of board directors, past and present, from Orient can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Mr. Corwin is correct in stating that he does not owe me, or any volunteer, “anything.” Unfortunately, he misses the point of volunteerism and its value to a community. I am sure that he would agree with the seaport museum’s mission to preserve our local nautical heritage for present and future generations. So, the discussion should be about how best to accomplish that educational mission. Taking potshots at dedicated volunteers is not in the best interests of Greenport or Southold Town.

Perhaps the fact that my dad, grandfather and great-grandfather were born, raised and educated in this village is part of what motivates my love for Greenport and the desire to contribute as a volunteer.