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Renovations coming to the Southold Town rec center?

Southold Town Board work session Denis Noncarrow

The outside of the town’s recreation center is in good shape, according to government liaison officer Denis Noncarrow.

As for the flooring, tables and chairs inside? That’s another story.

Mr. Noncarrow and Jeff Standish, the town’s director of public works, pitched buying new furniture and flooring for the recreation center at a Town Board work session Tuesday, saying the interior of the building has been worn down from constant use.

“These chairs are shot. These tables are shot,” Mr. Standish said. Some of the tables were being kept around just to be used for parts, he added.

The building was last touched up in 2007, Mr. Noncarrow said, and doesn’t need any structural work. Even the floors, which could be replaced in the renovation, would not have to be torn up; workers could lay new flooring over the existing one, Mr. Standish said.

Town Councilman William Ruland agreed renovations were needed, saying that “everything has a lifespan.” Mr. Noncarrow and Mr. Standish asked the Town Board to consider spending block grant or budget money next year to pay for the renovations.

The total cost of the project has yet to be determined, Mr. Standish said.

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Photo: Jeff Standish, left, and Denis Noncarrow addressing the Town Board on Tuesday. (Credit: Paul Squire)