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Featured Letter: In pursuit of marriage equality

I am an associate member of Mattituck Presbyterian Church (MPC) and a member of Men of the North Fork, a social and cultural group of gay men living on the North Fork.

I have been working arduously on bringing marriage equality to Mattituck Presbyterian Church. It has not been successful.

In 2014, the Presbyterian Church USA voted to define marriage as a sacred union of two persons, typically, but not solely, a man and woman. This led to gay marriages being performed in Presbyterian churches across the USA.

Since then, it has been left up to local Presbyterian churches to decide how to proceed in their particular church. It is with great dismay that the session at MPC rejected marriage equality in a majority vote recently. Homosexual couples want the same recognition as heterosexual couples for their love and commitment to each other. This is not going to happen at MPC, as MPC does not recognize or accept this. However, I hope to continue my work to bring marriage equality and enlightenment to other churches/temples/mosques on the North Fork.

Edward Marlatt, Mattituck