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Greenport News: Academic Awards ceremony scheduled

May has slithered away (swam away is more like it, with all the rain we’ve had) and June is here. I sure am hoping that it brings some sunny, warmer days our way.

The Heaney family is well over 200 strong, but I’m always happy when I can say it has grown yet again. That’s the case this week. I am so happy to report that on May 17, Alexis Sulahian became the bride of Tim Heaney. What a wonderful addition she is to the family. Congratulations, Lexi and Tim.

Greenport High School held its prom and from all the pictures I’ve seen it looks like it was a huge success. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of Jennifer Palencia as queen and Sam “Go Duke” Strickland as king. In their court, Charis Stoner and Justin Commins represented the junior class as princess and prince, along with senior class counterparts Jewel-Joy Stevens and Thomas Spackman. Congratulations to you all and a great big thank-you to junior class adviser Melanie Douglass for all the hard work she’s done for the past 10 years to ensure that each GHS prom is a success.

A multitude of events will be taking place at the school in the beginning of June.

The senior class will gather at the Soundview Restaurant Friday morning for the annual Senior Scholarship Awards breakfast. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We at Greenport are blessed that we have the entire North Fork community. The generosity of local groups and individuals who donate scholarships to our graduating seniors is absolutely wonderful. A great big round of applause to high school secretary Diane Peterson, who organizes it all.

Multicultural night will be celebrated at GHS Tuesday, June 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the small gym.

The high school will bring back its Academic Awards ceremony Thursday, June 9, when students from each grade and each subject section will be recognized for their academic prowess. It begins at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

Happy birthday wishes are being sent to Brynn Dinizio and Carol Worth on June 2; Shelsa Purcell, Blayr Corazzini and my cousin Donna Bondarchuk on the 3rd; Naomi Swarrow, Kristin Biggs, Marilyn Corwin and Patti Proferes Sydow on the 4th; Lori Quillin, Ruth Yoskovich, Bob Copas and Patsy Kaczorowski on the 5th; June Webb and MarieEllen Bondarchuk on the 6th; Maren Erickson and JoJo Jackson on the 7th; Sharon Luke, Nancy Mullen, Kim Chilton and Lois Klos on the 8th; Charles Kozora and Jilian Deerkoski on the 9th; Rebecca Jensen, Robin Klotz and Krista DeKerillis on the 10th; Ann Milovich, Erin Creedon and Ryane Hoeffling on the 11th; Alex Whittle and Stan “Stash” Droskoski on the 13th; and Joanne Mosher, my godmother Helen Finno and Andre Puerta on the 14th.

Happy anniversary to Audrey and Lou Dinizio on June 6, Pat and Bill Dinizio on the 7th, Mary Jane and John Hughes on the 13th and Brandi (née Monique) and Olusegun Okesola on the 15th.

Extra-special anniversary wishes go out to my husband, Jim, as we celebrate our anniversary June 5. Love ya, hon!

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