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Southold Town may launch affordable housing campaign


Southold Town’s government liaison officer, Denis Noncarrow, is looking to create a public relations campaign because he believes there’s too much confusion among residents over the meaning of “affordable housing.”

During the Town Board’s work session Tuesday morning, Mr. Noncarrow and board members referenced comments made during a recent public hearing to discuss changing the town’s affordable housing code to permit higher density developments.

“The public is all over the place on this,” he said. “We have to think out of the box and reach out to our people in the community.”

Councilman James Dinizio said he believes many residents think of “subsidized housing” when they hear the term “affordable housing” since a resident has raised concern about how more density could turn the town into a more urban area.

“Our code doesn’t even go anywhere near that,” he said, adding he believes affordable housing is intended to keep local workers, firefighters and nurses in the area.

Part of the problem, Mr. Noncarrow said, is that while the town has held public forums to discuss affordable housing, few people attend them.

Mr. Noncarrow suggested creating a public relations campaign to explain the benefits of affordable housing and is looking into a grant to cover the expenses.

“We really just need to hammer it home any way we can,” Mr. Noncarrow said.

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Photo caption: Denis Noncarrow speaks at the Town Board work session meeting Tuesday morning.