Town considers mailing deer brochure to residents

Seven months ago, the North Fork Deer Management Alliance discussed mailing a brochure to residents warning them of the dangers of deer overpopulation.

Now Southold Town’s own Deer Management Task Force wants to do the same. 

At Tuesday morning’s Town Board work session, task force member Dave Dominy and Jeff Standish, director of public works, asked for approval to publish a different mailer to explain why deer overpopulation poses a threat to public safety and encourage homeowners to allow private hunters onto their properties.

The estimated cost of the proposed brochures is about $4,000. Town Supervisor Scott Russell said he believes money originally set aside to fund a wildlife management professional is available to pay for the brochures.

Mr. Dominy said deer are avoiding town lands where hunters have culled them and are appearing on residential properties more frequently.

“They’ve relocated into areas we’re just not used to seeing,” Mr. Dominy said.

Mr. Standish also suggested the town could broadcast a public service announcement about the issue.

“We just have to utilize the social media and get it out there,” he said.

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