Editorial: Ground control to Southold Town

On its surface, an article about a police department seeking funds from the Town Board to upgrade its radio dispatch room might not seem like the sexiest story.

But in Southold Town, where an antiquated system could expose police officers to dangerous situations, it’s an important one.

This week, Supervisor Scott Russell said he’s in favor of providing the department with the funds necessary to update its 15-year-old dispatch system. It’s a measure the Town Board should make an immediate priority.

While they’re at it, local officials should continue to address any gaps in radio communication the department may have around town. While that could ultimately be a costly endeavor, the town should actively seek grant funding or partnerships with the county and other municipalities to ease any financial burden.

In government, there are a handful of initiatives you can’t put a price tag on. The safety of police officers and the people they protect is at the top of that list.