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Greenport News: All-class reunion this Saturday

Can you believe it? We’re almost halfway through July! Slow down, summer; I’m enjoying your warmer temperatures and carefree days.

Community Action Southold Town will host a food drive Saturday, Aug. 6, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Volunteers will be collecting food outside the Greenport and Southold IGAs, Cutchogue King Kullen and Mattituck Marketplace (formerly Waldbaum’s).

If you’ve marked that on your calendar for August, don’t forget to mark down that the 39th annual Greenport Fire Department BBQ, hosted by Standard Hose Company, is set for Saturday, Aug. 20, from 4 to 7 p.m. Donations are $20 a person and can be purchased at Fire Station 1 on Third Street.

He already knows how much I love him, but now I want to send extra-special wishes for future success to Elijah Smith. Elijah will be setting out for boot camp as he enters the U.S. Army bright and early on the 18th. You’ve got this, Elijah!

Just a reminder to all you Greenport graduates that it’s once again time for the Greenport High School all-class reunion. The reunion will take place this Saturday, July 16, at Herzog Park (Sixth Street Beach) from 10 a.m. to dusk. There is no cost to attend, although donations to the cause are always gladly accepted. The last two events were extremely successful and I expect this one will be the same.

Congratulations to Chris Golden, who was recently selected to the post of athletic director at Greenport High School. I see great things for the future of Greenport athletics with Chris at the helm.

Extra-special birthday wishes go out to our son, Jeff, who will be celebrating on the 17th. We couldn’t be prouder of the man you’ve become. Love ya, Bud!

Also celebrating are Steve Quillin, Dick Hulse, Ayania Smith and Carole DeNove on the 14th; Baxter Townsend and Karen Costello on the 15th; Dean Karavas, Warren Corazzini (the son, not the father) and Cheryl Pope on the 16th; Sara Flythe, Georgia Young, Vivian Dennington Stein, Karen Letteriello and Tammie Berry on the 17th; Richie Hubbard, Sally Blados, Billy Doucett, Liz Powe, Chatty Allen and Zack Riggins on the 18th; Jim’s uncle Bill Dinizio on the 19th; Charles Cisterino, my sweetheart of a friend, Stephanie Gorga and Kyriakos “Q” Seas on the 20th; Bill Kart, Jeff Corazzini, Jill Dinizio, Tina Leonard, China Leonard, Karen Mazzaferro Jimenez, Chris Bondarchuk and Melinda Hanold on the 21st; Alexis Hubbard on the 22nd; Jerry Urban on the 23rd; Warren Jensen (again, the son, not the dad) and Betty Capon on the 24th; Melissa Simpson Martinkat, Sally Jacobs, Ali Lauber, Gabby Pope and Robin Walden on the 25th; Jane Ratsey Williams, Matthew Stepnoski, Pat Urban, Dawn Jacobs and the Crump brothers, Keith and Kevin, on the 26th; and Matthew Brown and Frank VanSickle on the 27th.

The happiest of anniversaries is wished to Beverly and Jim Sage on the 18th; Karen and Kevin McLaughlin on the 22nd; Darline “Mope” and Rob McGinness on the 23rd; Linda and Greg Wallace on the 24th; and my sister-in-law and her husband, Joylene and Ralph Navarro, on the 27th.

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