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Greenport News: Fire department plans chicken barbecue

The Greenport all-class reunion was a success again this year. It’s so nice to see such a wonderful gathering of Greenporters who take such pride in being a Porter. If you missed this year’s event, fear not. There will be another in 2018. Thank you to all those involved, who worked so hard during the past two years to ensure its success.

My sincerest sympathies are extended to Betty, Carl, Bruce, Karen and Gary Blasko on the passing of their husband/father, Carl Blasko Sr. I also offer sympathies to Nancy, Gene, Wayne, Nina and Christine, the children of Gene Mazzaferro, who recently passed away. Both men were lifelong Greenporters and our community has suffered a tremendous loss with their passing.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 39th annual Greenport Fire Department chicken barbecue Monday, Aug. 15, from 4 to 7 p.m. Hosted by Standard Hose Company, the meal includes a roasted half-chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob, cole slaw, drink and watermelon for dessert. Tickets are $20 apiece and can be purchased from any Standard Hose member, at the firehouse on Third Street or at the door the day of the event — if they are not sold out. (But they usually are, so don’t dilly-dally.)

Beverly and Jim Sage were the surprised guests of honor at a party at Island’s End Golf and Country Club last Saturday. The reason friends and family gathered was to celebrate the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, Bev and Jim, and many, many more.

San Simeon by the Sound is sponsoring a trip to either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun on Monday, Aug. 15. The Sea Jet departs Orient at 10:15 a.m. The cost of $30 per person includes the bonus package and you return on the 7:15 p.m. boat. Tickets are limited, so call San Simeon at 631-477-2110 or Paula Thorp at 631-477-2392 to get yours.

Just a reminder that the Village Tree Committee is selling machine-washable canvas bags for $10 each. The bags can be purchased at Village Hall, the Greenport IGA or by emailing Jane Ratsey Williams at [email protected].

Who’s celebrating in the next two weeks? Here are the ones I know about: Jennifer Walters Poole, my cousin David Wilburn and Carl Volinski on July 28; two more cousins, Kevin Heaney and Laura Pinter, as well as Dr. Steven Chierchie on the 29th; Annie Woodhull and Scott Bradian on the 30th; Payge Corazzini, Bill Gorga and Lisa McElroy on the 31st; yet another cousin, Maria Heaney, on Aug. 1; Joyce Lakowitz Leary, Claudia Sieverman, Ethel Quillin and Jack Sepenoski on the 2nd; Kaylee Hansen and Al Stretz on the 3rd; Ashley Doucett and Alicia Doucett on the 4th; Traci Kannwischer, Donna Angevine, Sean Charters, Melanie Douglass and Mercedes Edwards on the 5th; Karen Gomez and Chris Ramnarine on the 6th; Arlene Hubbard, Connor Stepnoski and Tom Crowley on the 7th; Lisa Dinizio Chapman, Valerine Paladino and Shayann Droege on the 8th; Richard Israel on the 9th; and Shirell “Munch” Brown on the 10th.

Happy anniversary to Karen and Mike Sage on July 28 and Chrissy and Tim McElroy on Aug. 1.

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