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Website gives residents chance to voice complaints over aircraft noise

Looking to file a complaint for that familiar buzzing helicopter noise in the air? A new link on the Southold Town website may help. 

AirNoiseReport.com is an independent site run by noise regulation advocates that allows residents to track aircraft across the North Fork using live maps and file complaints. Organizers of the site then gather the complaints and sends them to local elected officials, according to AirNoiseReport’s website.

“We promise to work with representatives at all levels and aircraft operators so that they understand the severity of this problem,” the site reads.

At Tuesday’s work session, Town Board member Robert Ghosio suggested Southold Town include a link to the site on the town’s official website.

Town Supervisor Scott Russell said since air routes for helicopters and aircraft were altered recently, Town Hall has been getting “quite a few complaints” from all over the North Fork, not just in the usual flight corridor.

Many of those complaints have come from East Marion and Orient, he said. Aircraft are supposed to fly over the causeway and avoid houses, but Mr. Russell said that if a flight goes “a little bit to the east, a little bit to the west and you’re [over] one of the densest communities we have out here.”