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Featured Letter: Long Island Expressway of the skies

To the editor:

The good news is that I got to retire in 2010. The bad news is that, although I have the time to enjoy the serenity of my yard, I can’t due to the constant noise intrusion caused by loud, low-flying seaplanes and helicopters. I believe if you can hear planes when you are inside your house with the windows closed and the air conditioning on, then they are just too loud!

The FAA has shown a total lack of respect for the people of the North Fork by granting a four-year extension on voluntary flight routes for pilots traveling to the South Fork. The issue should have been tabled or extended for only a year until a satisfactory solution could be worked out. If you go to the website planefinder.net and double-click on a plane, it will highlight the plane’s route. You will see evidence that many pilots are not following the FAA’s suggested voluntary water route around the East End. In fact, you may even see some planes disappear from the map as they start to travel over land in Riverhead — and no, they haven’t landed.

I have no complaint with residents in our community who have planes and use our local airports. I have no argument with planes flying overhead when weather is a safety concern. My complaint lies with commercial flight companies that are in a big hurry to make big money in the Hamptons and don’t respect our right to enjoy the tranquillity of our North Fork homes. A friend who knows how irritating I find this noise just sent me an ad for a day trip to the Hamptons via seaplanes for $295 — and they start you off with a glass of champagne! I know there are pilots who do the right thing, but the pilots who abuse the FAA’s recommended route make all pilots look bad.

As I sit here writing this letter, it is a beautiful day with no wind and no clouds. There is no justifiable reason for planes to be flying over my house, yet I’ve counted at least seven noisy planes between 8:48 and 9:59 AM.

Our representatives need to do something to control this situation sooner rather than later. Sadly, it seems our town really has become the Long Island Expressway of the skies.

Barbara Klos, Southold