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Featured Letter: A thank you from the Oysterponds Historical Society

Oysterponds Historical Society

To the editor:

The Oysterponds Historical Society wishes to thank the North Fork community for all its support this summer.

Our annual summer benefit was particularly successful and we give a big thank-you to everyone who made it possible: the Board of Trustees, benefit and auction committee, benefactors and sponsors, donors, artists, volunteers and guests. We also received generous support that night toward much-needed upgrades to a building that has been a centerpiece of activities at the OHS this year: the Old Point Schoolhouse. From our “Curiosities” exhibition to OHS Kids to Heritage Day, the schoolhouse has been central to our educational mission and we are excited to move forward with repairs.

Over the past few years, OHS has been actively addressing the exteriors of the buildings that are such an important part of our collection. This project will ensure that the Old Point Schoolhouse will be protected for years to come. We hope that you will come visit us this September while our exhibits in the Schoolhouse and Village House are still up. Be on the lookout for fun activities coming up later this fall!

Again, our thanks for your support of the Oysterponds Historical Society.

Elsbeth Dowd and John Holzapfel,
executive director and board president