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Greenport News: Time to sign sports contracts

If you’re reading this right now, put the paper down and give yourself a pat on the back because we did it! We survived another summer! Tumbleweed Tuesday has come and gone and our beautiful village has regained something of a sense of sanity.

Attention parents of student-athletes entering seventh and eighth grades: Junior high sports start as soon as our students get back to school, with soccer and football for boys and volleyball, soccer and field hockey for girls. Please make sure your children are up to date on their physicals. They can pick up a sports contract from me in the high school office. It must be signed in five places (two by the student, three by the parent), all information must be filled in and then given to the school nurse. It is the student’s responsibility to pick the contract up from the nurse and bring the completed contract to me. Seventh-graders must also take a mandatory computerized concussion test. No student may participate in a sport without it. If you have any questions, contact me at the school at 631-477-1950, ext. 1224.

I’ve learned from Joyce Lakowitz Leary of Greenport that village native Judy Garrett Bynon passed away July 12 in Summit Hill, Pa. Her son, Robert Richie, recently held a benefit raffle there to raise funds to help cover her final expenses, but any additional help would be very much appreciated. If you knew Judy or her family and want to contribute, checks can be made out to Parambo Funeral Home and sent to them at 210 East Bertsch St., Lansford, PA 18232. Please note Judy’s name on your check.

Birthday celebrations are on the agenda during the next two weeks for Bill Wiggins and Ashley Biggs on the 8th; Vinnie Claps, Mike Heaney, Janna Cisterino, Rachel Ferretti Johnson and Ann Terry Swick on the 10th; Chris Czartosieski, Darryl Volinski and TJ Jenkins on the 11th; Maleik Yoskovich and Kathy Glew Mayo on the 12th; Tevin Parrish, Jason Campbell and Pete Checklick on the 13th; Skye Prichard on the 14th; Mimi Fogarty, Matt Kapell and Leslie Kruk on the 15th; Barbara Clasp on the 16th; my goddaughter, Alyssa Damiani, Michael Dimon, Andrew Corwin, John Dinizio Jr., Ginny Grattan and Eileen Kiski on the 17th; Carlos DeJesus, Marc LaMaina and Eileen Sayre on the 18th; Susan DeDuck on the 19th; Candis Leary, Sofia Land, Boni Quatroche Fash, Mark Kathryn Baker and Bryan Anderson on the 20th; and Brittany Ruroede, her mom, Chris Ruroede, and Shelby Kostal on the 21st.

Anniversaries will be celebrated by Kim and Perry Corazzini on Sept. 10 and Sarah and Mike Mazzaferro on the 20th.

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