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Small kitchen fire reported at Scrimshaw restaurant


A small kitchen fire was reported Sunday at Scrimshaw in Greenport Village and the restaurant owner says her business can’t reopen until a health department inspection is completed.

The restaurant’s alarm company reported the fire shortly after 1 a.m. and police were able to put out the flames by using a dry chemical fire extinguisher, according to a Southold Town police press release.

The Suffolk County Arson Squad conducted an investigation and determined the fire wasn’t suspicious, police said.

The case is under further investigation by Southold Town police.

Rosa Ross, owner of Scrimshaw, said a small fire occurred in the kitchen within an hour of her leaving the restaurant and an investigator told her the fire is believed to have started on the stove.

“It was a really small fire and there isn’t a lot of damage,” Ms. Rosa said. “If we had been there another hour, we would have been able to put out the fire ourselves.

“The protocol is we can’t clean up to open until the health department does an inspection since a chemical foam was used as an extinguisher,” she added.

Scrimshaw is normally closed Monday through Wednesday and Ms. Rosa said she’s hopeful the restaurant will be reopened Thursday.

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Photo: An exterior shot of the restaurant taken earlier this month. (Credit: File)