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This Chinese sculpture was born on the North Fork

TR1006_A_Trash4_C.jpgIn a man-made lake in southern China sits a 20-foot sculpture made of trash, unusual not only for its building blocks, but for its connection to the North Fork.

The sculpture, a whale’s tail constructed from hundreds of discarded plastic bottles, was conceived by Greenport artist Cindy Pease Roe and built in 23 days.

Roe was commissioned by Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT), a corporation that runs a resort near Shenzhen Bay, to fly halfway across the world to create this vision and bring awareness to water pollution. It will remain on display in the lake, which is located outside a Chinese shopping mall and feeds into the bay, indefinitely.

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Courtesy photo: The finished sculpture rests in a manmade lake connected to Shenzhen Bay. (Credit: Cindy Pease Roe)