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Mattituck schools considering $1.6M energy efficiency contract

Mattituck Board of Education

Following completion of a successful first phase in 2009, the Mattituck-Cutchogue School District is once again looking to make its buildings more energy efficient.

The administration is currently considering a $1.6 million Energy Performance Contract with Johnson Controls, according to a discussion during Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting.

Upgrades would include installing refrigeration controls, placing LED lights in fixtures on building exteriors, replacing the heating distribution system, adding burner controllers to boilers and heaters and replacing windows.

District business manager Michael Engelhardt said work would begin this summer and the project would be financed over 18 years. The projected savings, he said, are more than the cost of the project.

Phase one involved replacing all interior lights in the district, installing energy-efficient lighting sensors and removing old sodium fixtures in the gymnasium.

Mr. Engelhardt explained that the light bulbs, which were installed about eight years ago, are only beginning to need replacement. He said this saves a lot of time and money in custodial fees since the lights don’t constantly need to be changed.

“Our first one was so successful, it really worked exactly as it was supposed to,” he said. “It really does work.”

The board is expected to vote on the contract at its December meeting.

Caption: School board president Laura Jens-Smith, left, and superintendent Anne Smith. (Credit: Nicole Smith)

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