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See photos of Mattituck Jr. High School’s performance of ‘Hollows Rising’

‘Hollows Rising,’ a play written by Mattituck High School senior Ryan Buchholz, will be performed by the Mattituck Junior High Players Thursday and Friday, Nov. 17 and 18, in the high school auditorium.

The play, a contemporary retelling of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,’ is directed by senior Cheyenne Harris.

Admission is $8 or the donation of a nonperishable food item.

See more photos below of a rehearsal Monday:

Mattituck Play-16

Mattituck Play-15

Mattituck Play-14

Mattituck Play-13

Mattituck Play-12
Ryan Buchholz, who wrote the play ‘Hallows Rising.’ (Credit: Jeremy Garretson)


Mattituck Play-10

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Mattituck Play-8

Mattituck Play-7

Mattituck Play-6

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Mattituck Play-2

Mattituck Play- 1