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Councilman seeks antenna to help monitor helicopter noise


Southold Town Councilman Robert Ghosio has requested the purchase and installation of an antenna to improve Southold Town’s ability to monitor aircraft, the target of frequent noise complaints from residents.

Information generated via the antenna could be reported to airnoisereport.com, a website to which complaints and aircraft sightings can be submitted, Mr. Ghosio said Tuesday. The site, developed by engineer Dan Aronoff of Whitestone, shows a map of the most recent complaints in the area and which types of aircraft receive the most complaints.

An antenna would cost about $130, plus the cost of installation at a municipal building, Mr. Ghosio said.

Last month the town filed a formal complaint asking that the Federal Aviation Administration change its recent ruling extending the North Shore helicopter route for four years, against which residents have sounded off.

“With the moves that we’ve been making, at least legally, against and fighting back against the regulations and how things are working out for us from the FAA, this is just another tool we can use,” Mr. Ghosio said.

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