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Greenport news: Young school musicians heading to All County

Well, hello there! It’s been a while! I’m so happy to start a new year and be here to share it all with you. I’m hoping 2017 brings nothing but the best to all of you reading this.

There’s a lot of musical talent — both vocal and instrumental — in Greenport schools. Congratulations to the elementary students who will participate in All County Chorus: Aleyna Gungor, Peter Gwiazda, Melizza Mena Ochoa, Ayania Smith and Jordan Sosa. Congratulations also to Tehreem Qamar, who will play flute in All County Band. Kudos to the following junior high participants: Julio Coc Tomas, Franklin Mastrangelo and Anabelle Odell, All County Chorus; Kevin Azama (alto saxophone), Liam Rue (tuba) and Christina Tsaveras (trumpet), All County Band; and Carla Fernandez (violin), All County Orchestra. Finally, at the high school level, hats off to Melody Silie, who will participate in All County Chorus.

My New York Giants may be out of the picture and Duke’s Blue Devils, who are doing terribly, desperately need Coach K to return. The one team I root for that’s shining is my much-beloved Porters basketball team. Next Wednesday, Jan. 25, is a big one for them. Coach Carl Johnson and his Killer Bees from Bridgehampton will visit Greenport to try and upset our winning streak. If you’re a true Porter fan, you’ll be there wearing purple to show your Porter pride. Game time is 6:15 p.m. (Bridgehampton does not have a JV team this year so there’s only one game.)

Floyd Memorial Library’s Winter Film Festival can help get you through the doldrums. It takes place Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. The Jan. 19 film is “Life Animated” and the feature for the 26th is “Don’t Think Twice.” Stay tuned to this column for upcoming February films.

Belated birthday wishes to Penelope Holland, who turned 1 year old on Jan. 12. Celebrating in the next two weeks are Sean Ryan, Elise Webb and Lee Fitting on the 19th; my dear friend Kathy Petroski, my nephew Kris Navarro and Lois Mellas McClure on the 20th; Jason Barkley, my cousin Callie Bubb, Danny Tuthill, Ashley Santacroce and Kara Manwaring on the 21st; Courtney Edwards and Jennifer Grilli on the 22nd; Regina Cartselos, Jackquelyn Ruther, Philip Staples, Brian McLaughlin and Morgan McElroy on the 23rd; Jack Skrezec and Corissa Owens on the 24th; yet another cousin, Annemarie Chouinard, along with Oscar Aguilera and Joe Miranda, on the 25th; Alex Williams, Ted Allen and Heather Parker on the 26th; Jamie Sledge, Miguel Torres, Steve Smith and Cyndi Bofinger on the 27th; Lindsay Corwin and Nancy McAllister on the 28th; one more cousin, Jennifer Loper, plus Jeff Standish, Emily Whitecavage and Liz Lieblein on the 29th; Amber Hulse, Courtney Hulse and Jim’s aunt Debby Barrett on the 30th; my sister-in-law Teresa O’Connell, Larry Rhodes and David Krumenacker on the 31st; and Jason Pacholk, Naomi Biggs Nockelin, Bob Moore, Stephanie Pendulik Edwards and Kathleen Tergesen on Feb. 1.

Extra-special birthday wishes go out to our daughter, Jenn, on Jan. 29. She’s everything a parent could wish for in a daughter and everything a mother could wish for in a best friend. Happy birthday, Jenn!

The happiest of anniversaries is wished to our best friends June and Pete Harris on Jan. 28 and to Jeanne and Bob McInnis, who celebrate on the 29th.



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