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Southold Town cutting compost prices — again

Faced with a larger than desired compost pile at the Southold Town compost facility on Cox Lane, the Town Board cut the price it charges to commercial users — such as landscapers and farmers — to buy screened compost from the town.

The price reduction is the second since late October, as officials hope it will shrink the pile quicker.

The new price will be $5 per cubic yard, down from $10 per cubic yard.

But that will only be the price until March 15.

Supervisor Scott Russell urged the board to put an expiration date on the reduced price at Tuesday’s work session.

“We should have an end date, so they buy it now,” he said. “If you just do it open-ended, they will take their time coming.”

The town had dropped the price from $13 per cubic yard to $10 per cubic yard in late October.

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