Photos: Snow day on the North Fork

02/10/2017 4:27 PM |

Sigsbee snowman

Some residents awoke Friday morning and enjoyed a picturesque winter wonderland. Others sighed as they put on their boots and grabbed a shovel.

Here are some photos taken after the snowflakes fell. Share your storm photos by emailing them to [email protected].

Top photo: The Hatzinikolauo family’s dog, Riley, on a nearly 8-foot snowman in front of their home on Sigsbee Road in Mattituck. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

Scroll down for more photos by Kelly Zegers.

1_Riverhead sledding

Grady Moore and A.J. Yarusso, both 6, at Sandy Pond Golf Course in Riverhead.

2_Riverhead sledding

Garrett Moore of Riverhead pulls his son, Grady, off Sandy Pond Gold Course after a few runs down the hill.

3_A_Mattituck sledding

Dylan Pallentia, 7, tries to catch his brother, Alexander, 5, as he flies down the hill near Marratooka Lake in Mattituck.

3_Mattituck sledding

Picking up speed in Mattituck.

4_Mattituck sledding

Michael Tellez and Dylan Pallentia, both 7, take a turn down the slope.

5_Mattituck sledding

Michael and Daya Tellez as they come to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

7_Mattituck sledding

Alejandra, 8, and Elizabeth Puluc, 17, are all smiles as they speed downhill.

8_A_Mattituck sledding

Daya and Sharlie Tellez brave the cold weather and hit the slope.

8_B_Mattituck sleddingJPG

Ryan Harned, 8, catches some air off a jump.

9_Mattituck sledding

Bracing for impact.

10_Mattituck sledding

Tyler Malkush, 7, takes a rare moment when the hill is clear to try out his snowboard.

Anna Mudd, 7, of Southold. (Credit: Pat Mudd)

Anna Mudd, 7, of Southold. (Credit: Pat Mudd)