Southold Historical Society seeks local stories for new exhibits

Southold Historical Society

Those with deep connections to Southold can now have their memories preserved by the town.

The Southold Historical Society is asking those who have notable local historical connections — such as belonging to a founding family, serving in a war or participating in the early days of North Fork winemaking — to meet with director Karen Lund Rooney and share their stories.

“I can’t wait to hear their personal observations and experiences of living here in Southold,” Ms. Lund Rooney said. “History is made up of individual people’s stories and remembrances. It’s not just facts and figures; I want to hear their individual stories.”

Information that is shared will become a part of the society’s archives and will be used as part of different exhibits throughout the year.

To align with the project, the society is asking those who were soldiers, or civilians living in Southold, during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War or other conflicts to share their experiences. Additionally, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the society is planning an exhibit for this summer that will explore what it was like to serve overseas or be on the home front in Southold during either World War, Ms. Lund Rooney said.

Another exhibit, set for the society’s founding families weekend in June, will celebrates the genealogy and development of early Southold, she said.

“It’s a chance for residents and community members to have their reminiscences become a part of our history that’s a part of our archives,” she said.

A final aspect of the effort focuses on the history of winemaking, which Ms. Lund Rooney included in the list of desired personal histories because the growing industry has started to become multi-generational.

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“This is a big area of interest for us and we’re working on it in many different ways,” she said. “For the historical society, it’s an area we haven’t collected information on and it’s a part of our history, so that’s why it was included.”

Community members interested in sharing their stories can contact Ms. Lund Rooney to set up an interview with her for a Wednesday during March. She can be reached at 631-765-5500 or [email protected].

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File photo credit: The Suffolk Times