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Southold Town hires new wildlife manager

Craig Jobs

Southold has filled its part-time wildlife manager position.

Craig Jobes, who grew up in Southold, said he has begun reviewing deer management plan paperwork going back to 2008 and wants to create a presentation on the plan to have at the ready. He will also head out into the field to monitor spots where issues with deer have been reported.

In addition, Mr. Jobes will work with Stony Brook University students to conduct a count of the number of deer in the town.

While monitoring how deer affect the town’s environment, Mr. Jobes will also keep an eye on the impacts of other wildlife, including Canada geese and wild turkeys, according to Jeff Standish, Southold Town’s director of public works.

Councilman Bob Ghosio said he was glad the town was able to bring Mr. Jobes on board.

“I’m looking forward to working with him and him working with us, helping us move forward with the problems that we have,” Mr. Ghosio said.

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Photo: Craig Jobes at Southold Town Hall on Tuesday. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)