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Town Board discusses Peconic Bay Boulevard weight limit

Peconic Bay Blvd

The Town Board is considering adopting a weight limit for vehicles traveling on Peconic Bay Boulevard.

Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter reached out to Mr. Russell after discussing the idea at a recent work session because the road runs through both towns.

Riverhead’s proposed legislation would ban vehicles weighing more than eight tons, or 16,000 pounds, between Meetinghouse Creek Road and Laurel Lane.

Mr. Russell said Peconic Bay Boulevard is becoming an alternate route for people trying to avoid traffic on Main Road in both towns, including heavier trucks that the road is not designed to handle.

“It made sense to me personally, because I think it’s a problem both towns have,” he said. “But more importantly, if we don’t [adopt it] then the heavier trucks are going to go up and down our side streets. They’re still going to use a bypass.”

The board will seek advice from the town’s transportation commission before putting the weight limit to a vote.

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Photo credit: Jen Nuzzo