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Revision to Greenport’s rental law receives mixed reactions

A proposed revision of the Greenport Village rental code received mixed reaction during a public hearing last Thursday, and Village Board members kept the hearing open for additional comments at the next meeting, March 16.

Mayor George Hubbard Jr. said the village rental permit law was passed five years ago and includes a lot of exclusions.

“A lot of places are not being inspected,” he said.

The village has also discussed, but never enacted, a short-term rental law, as other communities have, Mr. Hubbard said.

The proposed rental permit law discussed last Thursday would require all rental units to be permitted and inspected by the village.

Resident JoAnne McEntee said the proposal should require applicants to give their actual address, rather than a post office box or a corporate name.

She also feels landlords should obtain the permit before they rent their home and the village should have floor plans on file for all rental units.

“Anyone that rents needs to pay a rental fee,” said resident Chatty Allen. “It needs to be inspected and it should be a yearly thing.”

Paul Kreiling, who is running for village trustee this month, said the proposed law puts a lot of burden on the village to do inspections, review paperwork and make sure laws are being enforced.

Kathryn Casey Quigley asked if there’s anything to provide landlords with an incentive to offer long-term rentals.

“We definitely want to try and encourage long-term rentals, but we can’t force them to do it,” Mr. Hubbard said. “The main objective is to get all of the places inspected.”

He said firefighters, EMS workers and veterans are exempt from the proposed permit fee, which would be $100 payable twice a year.

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