Southold starts restoration work at Town Beach

Southold Town is trucking sand from Cross Sound Ferry in Orient to replenish Town Beach on Route 48, which has been eaten away by erosion.

Southold Town public works director Jeff Standish said he had reached out to ferry terminal manager Andy Binkowski to find out if the company would donate the sand. In 2011, the ferry company also donated sand to the town.

“We’re always looking to work with the town in any way we can and replenish the beach and make it useable for residents on the Town of Southold,” Mr. Binkowski said Wednesday. “It’s a popular beach. We have the means and material they need to do what they need to do, so donating it do the town is always something we strive to do.”

Mr. Standish said at a Town Board work session last week that the beach suffered “quite a bit of devastation” this past winter.

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Top photo: Mounds of sand from Cross Sound Ferry were dumped Thursday morning at Town Beach on Route 48. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)