No school board races in Southold Town this year

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04/18/2017 6:00 AM |

The deadline to submit a petition to run for a Board of Education seat ended at 5 p.m. Monday and local school districts have announced the names of this year’s candidates.

District officials have confirmed all incumbents are running unopposed. The school budget vote and Board of Education election is May 16.


School board incumbent Kirsten Droskoski’s seat is up for grabs.

Ms. Droskoski was first elected in 2014 and serves as school board vice president.


School board incumbent Tony Dill’s seat is up for grabs.

Mr. Dill serves was first elected in 2002 and serves as school board president.


The seats of school board incumbents Charlie Anderson and Brian Mealy are up for grabs.

Mr. Anderson was first elected in 2004 and serves as school board vice president. Mr. Mealy was elected last year to serve out the final year of former board member Jerry Diffley’s unexpired term.


The seats of school board incumbents Jeffrey Demarest and Janice Caufield are up for grabs.

Mr. Demarest serves as school board president and Ms. Caufield is the vice president. Both were first elected in 2011.


The seats of school board incumbents Scott Latham and Brian Tobin are up for grabs.

Mr. Latham was first elected in 2011. Mr. Tobin has served on the school board since 2014.

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