Featured Letter: Free helicopter rides are a poor marketing decision

To the editor:

Corcoran Real Estate and Blade (an on-demand commercial helicopter app) have joined marketing forces to cater to the “elite” potential Hamptons rental customer by offering a “free one-day” round-trip helicopter ride to the Hamptons.

Once there, the “winner” — customer(s) — will be whisked away by their agent(s) and present them with only pristine properties. I’m sure these homes are tucked far away from the “repeated helicopter flight paths.” It’s unfathomable how an established real estate agency that claims to “care” — as listed under each agent’s name on their website — to be “sensitive to East End communities” would even consider working with a company that produces excessive noise and causes pollution!

Do all the Corcoran agents, especially the East End regional director, live in a cave? Is Corcoran not aware that the East End has been fighting repetitive, loud, intrusive helicopter aircraft noise for years? What gives, Corcoran? I’m guessing this was a “pilot” (no pun intended) program to see how well this “took off” (again, no pun intended). Does Corcoran think people can’t read between the corporate, profit-making lines here? What a great ploy to secure a possible seasonal package price for helicopter travel. Why sit in traffic on the LIE or Sunrise every weekend!

Corcoran, your marketing decision is offensive to thousands and your corporate agency has officially hit “turbulence.” Actually, your agency may have just “crash landed.” Owners of real estate looking to sell or rent should consider searching for a conscious realtor that doesn’t have their heads “up in the clouds” while simultaneously destroying our beautiful, picturesque East End.

Teresa McCaskie, Mattituck