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Greenport Village Board approves $10.6 million budget, tax rate to drop

The Greenport Village Board unanimously adopted Mayor Hubbard’s tentative 2017-18 budget last Thursday night, giving village residents at tax rate reduction for the second consecutive year.

The $10.6 million budget calls for a $57,452 spending increase but a 1.44 percent drop in the tax rate. For someone who owns property assessed at $4,500 — equivalent to a market value of about $416,000 — that represents a savings of about $126. The budget calls increases the mayor’s salary from $18,000 to $30,000, while keeping the four trustees’ salaries at $11,600. The trustees declined increases for themselves and urged a larger raise for the mayor than Mr. Hubbard himself had initially suggested. The budget also includes adding a part-time seasonal code enforcement officer and a part-time fire marshal.

Two full-time positions that were left vacant last year — an office worker and a groundskeeper for the Mitchell Park marina — are also reflected in the budget.

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