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Calling all Mattituck alumni: All-class reunion set for this month

Mattituck High School graduates won’t have to wait for their next milestone anniversary to celebrate with fellow alumni. For the first time ever, former students of all ages will have a chance to get together at an all-class reunion. Modeled after Greenport High School’s all-class reunion, which has drawn hundreds, the event will take place July 21 and 22.

Denise Geis, who graduated from Mattituck in 1991, said she wanted to do something different this year to break away from traditional reunions that honor one particular class.

“Last year was my 25-year reunion and there were seven of us,” she said. “We’re trying to bring Mattituck unity and trying to bring some of that back to the locals.”

She said the two-day event is designed not only to bring the community together, but to raise money for scholarships for Mattituck High School students.

“We realize how important education is,” Ms. Geis said. “We want to help raise money for scholarships and educational programs to help people realize their dreams.”

So far the alumni committee has donated one scholarship to a graduating senior on the track team. Committee members hope next month’s all-class gathering will help raise enough money so that scholarships can continue to be awarded.

The Crazy Fork restaurant will host a pig roast Friday, July 21. The four-hour event, which starts at 6 p.m., costs $10 per person. The next day, a family barbecue will be held at Veterans Beach. The all-day event begins at noon and will feature a DJ, games and raffles with items donated by local businesses, Ms. Geis said.

“We want to get together in the community and enjoy a family-friendly barbecue,” she said, adding that about 80 people have expressed interest so far. “We really want to help others. That’s the goal and the whole thing we want to do.”

Greenport High School’s reunions occur in alternate years, and the third took place last summer. Similarly, Ms. Geis said she hopes Mattituck’s all-class get-together will be held every other year, so as not to conflict with Greenport’s celebration.

“We want people to have a great time and get to know people they didn’t really know,” she said. “They can talk to people celebrating their 60th reunion, or 50th or 25th, or get reacquainted with old friends … It’s a nice big circle of people to bring unity to the community.”

To register visit mattituckcutchogueallclassreunion.myevent.com.

Donations to cover reunion costs and fund scholarships can still be made, via check payable to Mattituck Cutchogue Alumni and mailed to Ms. Geis, P.O. Box 209, Mattituck, NY 11952. Donations can also be deposited directly at Chase Bank in Mattituck.

Photo caption: Graduate Chance Anderson of Mattituck poses with Mattituck’s Caroline Goss and John Valderrama of Rocky Point following the commencement ceremonies last week. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

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