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Town considers adding Fishers Island administrator position

Southold Town is considering creating a part-time administrator position for Fishers Island to help bolster communication between the town and the island’s residents.

It can be more difficult to figure out what the priorities of the island are compared to other hamlets because distance provides a challenge, Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell said Tuesday at a Town Board work session.

Fishers Island Justice Louisa Evans said residents are asking for someone who can gather information to give to the Island Community Board, which would then find a consensus on what issues are most important.

The administrator could also be a point person between Fishers Island and other agencies, whether in the county or state, that residents might feel alienated from, Mr. Russell said.

It will also benefit the town in avoiding spending resources on matters that may not be of the highest priority to the island as a whole.

“The administrator is a good way at this point of saying look we can improve communications on both sides,” Mr. Russell said.

Photo caption: Fishers Island pictured in 2014. (Credit: Grant Parpan, file)

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