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Residents voice concerns over proposed Route 48 gas station

Residents gathered at Town Hall Monday to express concern about the Southold Gas Station and Convenience Store proposed for the intersection of Youngs Avenue and Route 48.

During a public hearing before the town Planning Board, many residents of that area stood up to voice concern that their quality of life would be greatly affected if the project were to go forward.

The proposal includes converting an existing 3,476-square-foot building into a convenience store and gas station with 12 fueling stations and 29 parking spaces, according to a town document.

“I’ve accepted the fact that the area I grew up in and care deeply about will be losing more small-town, rural flavor and appeal with the approval of a project of this magnitude,” said Horton Lane resident Peggy Murphy. “Has consideration been given to the additional dangers at this intersection that will be created by this huge proposed project? I shudder to think about it.”

Most residents addressing the board were against the proposal, but some favored it, including Tracey Orlando of Southold, who said she hopes there will be at least one full-service pump at this station to help the elderly.

“I think it’s appropriate use of that property,” she said. “I have a mom [who] could never pump her own gas, so I think it would service the community well so I support this project.”

The Planning Board is keeping the public hearing open for 30 more days for written comments.

File photo: The site of the proposed gas station in Southold. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)