The Work We Do: Caroline Eng, Dog Town

Hi there, my name is Caroline Eng. I work at Dog Town and I’m the store manager over here.

I’ve been here for two years. My favorite thing about this job is getting to meet all the different breeds of dogs that come. We get to play with puppies and we have adults, so we have a whole entire variety of dogs that you get to meet and greet and learn about their personalities, also.

A typical day here goes where you have dogs that come in and out and we actually take boarding, we do grooming and we also offer day care, with a little bit of a retail space. As far as our day goes, it involves a lot of taking care of the dogs and making sure they’re happy. That’s our biggest priority. I do schedule reservations and groomings.

(Credit: Rachel Siford)

Throughout the day, we have dogs that come in and we do different play groups with them. They get to play throughout the day. We have big guys. We have little guys. We have old guys and we have young guys. As far as boarding goes, we have a big yard in the back where we let them go out for some outings.

We have a lot of regular customers. There are some dogs who are here six times a week with us and we have a lot of dogs who come in for boarding continuously. We have a lot of repeat clients and we’ve become friendly with a lot of their owners along with the dogs.

If you ever want to give your dog some extra TLC, you can add on a bedtime story or an extra cuddle session, so it’s something just to pamper your pet just a little bit more.

You get to know their personalities pretty well. We have one golden retriever, name is Opi, and he is the happiest, playful dog you will ever meet — a giant sweetheart.

The most rewarding part would probably be the dogs when they go home and then when they come back to us. They’re just as happy going home as they are to come in. We like seeing a dog that enjoys being here and that wants to be here. That’s a big part of our goal — to make sure these dogs do want to come back and that they’re happy every time they come back.

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(Credit: Rachel Siford)