Southold Town considers amending winery code requirements

Southold Town is considering an amendment to its code on winery requirements to ensure that only, or mostly, grapes are grown on the 10 acres required for winery operations.

The current code does not specifically require the growing of grapes, instead calling only for a commitment to agriculture on the acreage.

The draft language presented at Tuesday’s Town Board work session is based on an earlier recommendation by the alcohol farm products working group, which had voted Monday to recommend that the 10-acre requirement be split into 80 percent grapes and 20 percent fermentable fruit.

Those details will be sorted out in a code committee meeting that will include members of the working group, Supervisor Scott Russell said.

The alcohol farm products group, established this past spring, has been working to recommend changes and additions to the town code as it applies to the local wine, beer, distillery and cider industries.

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Photo credit: Nicole Smith