TEDx event, themed ‘Human Kind,’ scheduled in Orient Sunday

You’ve probably seen a TED Talk before on social media or listened to one of the organization’s podcasts. Odds are the speaker probably had nothing to do with your hometown, though.

That’s about to change.

On Sunday, Sept. 17, Greenport resident Liz Gillhooly will host a TEDx event on the North Fork. TEDxOrientHarbor carries the theme “Human Kind” and covers a range of topics dealing with humanity. All speakers on the roster of presenters have a local connection.

TEDx is a community-based offshoot of the more global TED Talks, short lectures originally conceived as a way for experts to share ideas on technology, entertainment and design, though it later expanded to cover science, business and global issues.

Ms. Gillooly, a sailboat captain and world traveler, first attended a TEDx event in South Africa five months ago. She received a license from TED permitting her to host her own event, after she decided the North Fork was full of interesting people and deserved some recognition.

“There has never been one on the North Fork, so I decided to host one in Orient,” Ms. Gillooly said. “All the speakers are experts in different fields and I think the talks are going to be incredible.”

There are nine speakers in total, including Orient native Mary Latham, whose talk, entitled “More Good – Seeking Random Acts of Kindness from All 50 States,” will discuss how she is traveling the country collecting acts of kindness from people. Another speaker, Tony Spiridakis, will discuss raising a son with autism. Other topics include death, midwifery, schizophrenia and physical health.

All speakers have some sort of tie to the North Fork, whether they are lifelong residents or second homeowners.

Tickets are $30 each and proceeds will be used to cover the cost of a photographer and stage design. Organizers are also seeking local sponsors to help pay for the event. Tickets can be purchased online via the link on the TEDxOrientHarbor Facebook page.

“No one is making money off of this event,” Ms. Gillooly said.

The event will run from 2 to 6 p.m. at Poquatuck Hall in Orient.

Photo caption: Liz Gillooly pictured during a trip to Botswana. (Credit: courtesy photo)

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