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First Class Auto Body in Peconic owes $170K in taxes

First Class Auto Body in Peconic was seized by the state last month after it was issued warrants by the Department of Taxation and Finance for nonpayment of about $170,000 in taxes.

The Main Road auto shop, which had been in business for just over 30 years, was seized by the state on Sept. 19. It was issued two warrants for sales tax and two for corporation tax for a liability period between 2015 and 2017, according to department spokesman James Gazzale.

“In general, I will say that seizing a businesses is always our last resort,” Mr. Gazzale said. “We, long before it gets to this point, are communicating with the business owner to let them know there’s this outstanding debt and we try and find a way for them to resolve that without having to seize the businesses. Unfortunately, sometimes it comes to this.”

The department will continue to work with First Class Auto Body to see that its debt is resolved, he said.

For a business to reopen, the department needs to know that it will be operating in good faith moving forward, Mr. Gazzale said.

The business owner did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Photo credit: Joe Werkmeister

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